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The premier commercial janitorial company in the Coachella Valley since 2001.

CleanExcel would like the opportunity to clean your building using our Team Cleaning Method and Cleaning for Health System. We have assembled a team of conscientious, English-speaking professionals who will meet your personally specified standards for cleanliness, sanitation, and order.

CleanExcel’ s quality control systems assure consistent execution in creating a clean, healthful environment that will be inviting to your clients and enhance workplace efficiency and productivity.

Cleaning for Health

CleanExcel the Cleaning for Health System where we begin with a commitment to clean for health first, knowing that appearance will automatically follow. We dedicate ourselves to offering the highest quality cleaning services with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Team Cleaning

CleanExcel utilizes the Team Cleaning Method. Having specialists in Trash Removal, Vacuuming, Dusting, and Restroom Cleaning results in orderly and dependable service. Frequent inspection with systematic quality controls are essential.


Clean surfaces reduce allergens and other airborne particles, ensuring a healthier workplace.

Clean Excel - Commercial Cleaning

State of the art equipment including back-pack HEPA filtered vacuums.

Clean Excel - Commercial Cleaning

All cleaning is done to a Checklist of each individual client’s specifications.

Clean Excel - Commercial Cleaning

Management and Staff available 24/7 and respond immediately to client concerns.

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