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 Standard Scope of Services

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Commercial Cleaning Services Provided Daily


  1. Vacuum and wet mop hard floors.
  2. Vacuum carpeted floors. Vacuum under desks and along edges and comers. Treat spots ongoingly as needed.
  3. Empty all trash receptacles and replace liners.
  4. Clean entry doors and windows.
  5. Dust and clean desks, counters, computer stations, shelves,and work areas.
  6. Wipe down conference tables and chairs. Wipe legs of chairs.
  7. Work behind locked doors and check doors before leaving.
  8. Leave only designated lighting on.


  1. Vacuum and wet mop floors with disinfectant.
  2. Wash and disinfect all toilet bowls and urinals.
  3. Check and refill as needed all toilet tissue, soap dispensers, and towel dispensers.
  4. Wash all sinks and basins.
  5. Clean all mirrors and enameled areas.
  6. Wipe down and disinfect all toilet fixtures, seats, and stalls.
  7. Empty waste receptacles and replace liners.


  1. Dry mop/wet mop hard floors.
  2. Vacuum carpeted floors.
  3. Empty waste receptacles and replace liners as needed.
  4. Wash dishes, wash coffee pots. Wipe down refrigerator, all


  1. Organize closet at end of each shift.
  2. Remove all waste materials and dispose of properly.

Commercial Cleaning Services Provided Each Month

  1. Wipe down all window sills, blinds, and window treatments.
  2. Dust all picture frames.

Commercial Cleaning Services Provided Every 3 Months

  1. Clean all air-conditioning vents.
  2. Dust and detail clean all doors, door jambs, office furniture, and all office appurtenances.

In addition to theses services, our supervisors will nightly check and report any facilities problems and maintenance needs. CleanExcel will maintain a Building Log at each site where the facilities manager may note any requests or problems; these will be promptly attended to by our staff.

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